NAJANIN Alaskan Malamute, Norway,
Phone: 938 61 224 og 918 92 398

Puppy-owners pictures!

Since we get so many beautiful pictures of our puppies in their new homes,they now will be found in two pages:



Najanin's Wild Ways Harley (as second dog) and our "Uma". Owner & photo: Kai Frøytland.

Najanin's Outback Cani (N. Kane x Nisga), 13 months. Owner & photo: Jarle Ljøstad

Najanin's Wild Ways Moonlight (Nordiclight's Kane x H.D.H Horizon so Red), Owner & photo: Sisko Nurminen (Finland).

Najanin's Outback Kazan (Nordiclight's Kane x Nisga) Owner & photo: Bjørn Harald Snersrud

Najanin's X-trail Khana (Black Lotus X-File Copycat and Hellemuttens Don Quanto)Owner & photo: Aina Fuglestein

Najanin's X- Trail Nukka, femaleoffspring of Black Lotus X-File Copycat and Hellemuttens Don Quanto. Owner & photo: Mika and Sirkka Hamari, Finland.